I had seen this activity visiting the Veja Bridge. The following Saturday I went back at the request of my 9 year old son. In a beautiful wood, adventure trails of varying difficulty have been created for children, teenagers and adults. Safety and assistance is guaranteed by the safety equipment and by the assistants, in…


The right place for a bit of healthy movement with friends or family !! We had a lot of fun. The park is beautiful, well-kept and clean. There are multiple routes, with different levels of difficulty. It is a stone’s throw from Ponte di Veja and you can eat packed (even in the areas set…

Erika R.

Wonderful experience! Safe fun in nature. Great for young and old. Thanks to our instructor Andrea! After the adventure we visited the Veja bridge.

Alberto D.

In Lessinia near the natural bridge of Veja a fun adventure park made of ropes ropes carabiners in complete safety. Highly recommended.

Fabio L.

At 200 meters from the famous rock bridge we let our 7 year old girl try this experience. After an initial hesitation, the fun was added to the satisfaction of being able to walk among the trees even at a considerable height. Everything takes place in extreme safety, with suitable equipment and restraint systems. The…

Matteo R.

I was with my family, the children had a lot of fun and I must say that it was nice to make some paths, more difficult, even for me. Both the girl at the cashier and the instructors inside the park are very cheerful, friendly, professional and attentive to children. I would say it’s worth…

Romina R.

Beautiful experience. The park has various types of routes, some simpler and others more demanding. It is suitable for both families and those who want to live a new and exciting experience. The staff is very kind and competent and the park is well maintained. We will definitely be back!


Helpful and kind staff. Well-kept park with instructors always present and ready for your needs. It was an afternoon full of nature and fun, we will definitely be back. Andrea and Ilaria


Beautiful park suitable for young and old. Attentive and thoughtful staff. Safety comes first and all routes are well-made and regularly maintained. Recommended