• Entrance to the park is free, you only pay for access to the activities. The entrance allows free use of the games for the period indicated on the ticket (2.5 h for acrobatic routes).
  • The park has different levels of difficulty. Ask the staff to point them out.
  • Before starting the activity, the equipment is delivered (harness, longes, carabiners, helmet) which is worn with the help of a park operator. This equipment must be delivered immediately at the end of the activity, in the same condition in which it was received. You cannot use your own equipment.
  • A Breafing illustrates how to safely progress on the routes and each user is obliged to carry out the test route under the supervision of an instructor to demonstrate that they have correctly received the information.
  • It is forbidden to shake the passages by making them swing and it is forbidden to jump on platforms.
  • The maximum number of people who can park on each platform is indicated on each route.
  • Games always play in 1.
  • Access to the routes is allowed only with footwear suitable for the activity in progress, preferably closed shoes with rubber soles.
  • The management reserves the right to suspend the activity in the event of weather conditions deemed dangerous for users. The instructors are also authorized to exclude from the activity anyone who exhibits an inappropriate and potentially dangerous behavior, attitude or psycho-physical state for themselves and for others.
  • To access the courses it is necessary to declare, by filling out a form, that you have read these regulations. Participants under the age of 18 must submit a form signed by a parent, or by a designated companion.
  • On the courses the participants are completely autonomous. However, one or more qualified instructors are ALWAYS present to supervise and intervene in case of need.
  • It is strictly forbidden to access the courses without the authorization of the instructors, in their absence and during the closing period.

Safety is always guaranteed, as long as you connect to the continuous lifeline with the special hook and respect the simple progression rules given by the instructors.


Guests and companions present at Vejadventure Park are required to respect the following simple rules:

  • Keep dogs on a leash and collect manure.
  • Respect other guests by avoiding shouts and loud noises.
  • Do not damage nature and the environment that hosts the business.
  • Do not throw litter on the ground.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Don’t damage the park.