Inside the Veja Adventure Park, you can also find a way to relax and enjoy nature in a beautiful, fresh, clean and well-kept wood.

An easy circular walk will make you discover the whole area of ​​the Park.

It starts from the entrance and takes a forest road up to the highest part of the park, at the underlying lake.

At this point, a path connects you to the flat part where the pedal quad track is located.

From there, a forest road will take you back to the parking lot adjacent to the entrance, making you walk along the top of the area, out of the wooded area and therefore with a splendid view of Corno d’Aquilio, S. Anna and Ceredo.

The walk has a difference in height but never too demanding slopes. It can also be used with strollers (with large off-road wheels).

Duration: about half an hour at a slow pace.